5 Ways for Seniors to Get Fit

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It's important for seniors to stay active, because as you get older, you get a lot of different issues. If you stay active, then you reduce your risk of having problems with your joints, having falls, and having other issues that may complicate you having an active life.

Instead of going to a traditional gym-- like all of us think of the big, kind of mega gym-- there are some gyms that cater to the older adult population and your needs. So they're looking at you from a different perspective.

Not everybody wants to go to the gym. So one thing that you could do is get online, where there are a lot of videos that are geared towards senior adults where you can do low-impact exercise in your own home and modify it to your abilities.

Remember all the things that you used to like when you were younger. Think about those things again. So doing things like the hula hoop, which is good cardiac activity but also works with your core muscles, your gluteal muscles, your back muscles, and lets you just kind of shake those hips some.

Instead of taking your normal walk around your neighborhood, consider going hiking instead. Maybe get yourself some of the pole sticks so that you have a nice device to help you walk and reduce your risk of falls.

Some of us just want to be outside. Even if it's a stroll to the local coffee store, get some coffee and walk back to the house. That's exercise. Your housework and your gardening, for all of you neat freaks, get in there. Clean it all up. That's exercise. [MUSIC PLAYING]