How To Communicate Clearly

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Hearing aids enhance a person's life by improving their ability to hear, but there are still situations that can make it hard for them to hear. So try these simple tricks to help you and your loved ones communicate clearly.

The quieter the space you're talking in, the better. Do some research beforehand to find the noise ratings of a restaurant, or make reservations for off peak hours. Sometimes it's hard to avoid a noisy setting. When you're in a restaurant or a crowded space, sit away from entrances, kitchens, and speakers.

Try to find a booth or allow the person with the hearing aid to sit with their back against a wall. Make sure you have their attention before speaking. Try a light tap on the shoulder, a touch of the arm, or a wave of the hand so they know you want to talk.

Clear visibility is key. Have your conversations in a well-lit space. Always directly face the person you're talking with. Sit as close to them as possible. Three to five feet apart is ideal. Avoid talking while eating or chewing gum. And set things aside that block your face.

Be patient and speak clearly. Don't talk loudly. This can actually hurt the ears of someone wearing a hearing aid. Instead, simplify your words and pause between phrases. These simple tips take the frustration out of the conversation.