What Does Your Liver Do?

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Your liver is one of the hardest-working organs in your body.

It's also one of the largest, located on the right side of your belly, just below your diaphragm.

Your liver works around the clock to break down nutrients from the food you eat into substances your body can use. Taking things like fats and proteins and turning them into energy.

To help digest fats, your liver produces 1,000 milliliters of bile per day!

It also plays a key role in keeping your blood sugar level constant.

If it gets too high, your liver removes some sugar from your blood & stores it as glycogen...

...too low, and it breaks down that glycogen to put some sugar back in.

But that's not all. Your liver also makes special proteins so your blood can clot...

and it stockpiles vitamins and minerals for whenever your body needs a boost.

On top of all that, it detoxifies your system by removing harmful substances from your body, like alcohol and medication byproducts.

Your liver sure does a lot for you! So take care of it! Eat a healthy diet, drink lots of water, and cut back on alcohol.