Complications of Hep C

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Vinod F. Rustgi, MD
Hepatitis C-- again, hepatitis means inflammation-- can lead to scarring in the liver as the liver tries to repair itself. A scarred liver or cirrhosis can lose its function, so people may end up being jaundiced when they're yellow, when they end up with muscle wasting, because they're trying to use protein from their own body rather than protein that they ingest.

Vinod F. Rustgi, MD cont.
They may end up with fluid in the wrong places. They may end up with mental confusion. They may end up with bleeding. When those things happen, it's really time to have to consider a liver transplant. If you haven't been screened for hepatitis C, there are simple blood tests that can give the result within 20 minutes on the same office visit, where you might be seeing your provider.