Hep C: How Can I Stay Healthy?

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Vinod F. Rustgi, MD
So healthy living is an important part of taking care of your liver. There are many things that you can avoid, which can injure the liver. So trying to avoid a high fat diet is important. Keeping at the proper weight is good for your overall health but also important for your liver. Avoiding excess sources of iron, such as iron supplements or cooking in iron skillets or

Vinod F. Rustgi, MD cont.
high potency breakfast cereals, because iron unfortunately can injure your liver as well. Avoiding excess amounts of alcohol, which not only is directly injuring the liver, but increases the iron absorption in the diet is another thing to be aware of.

Vinod F. Rustgi, MD cont.
And then avoiding excess amounts of anti-inflammatory agents and things like Tylenol are important. I do want to emphasize that that's dose dependent. I'm not trying to say that somebody who has liver disease should avoid Tylenol. It's the amount of Tylenol that's important. So watching out for your overall health is a good idea. Indirectly, directly you'll help your liver as well.