Resources for Ulcerative Colitis

Medically Reviewed by Jennifer Robinson, MD on June 15, 2022
2 min read

If you’re looking for more information about ulcerative colitis, here are some sources that can help. Nonprofit organizations can provide background materials on topics like treatment, nutrition, and stress management. Social media, online forums, and in-person support groups can connect you with other people managing the same condition.

These resources offer lifestyle tips, emotional support, and news updates that all make taking care of yourself easier. But don’t look to them for medical advice; go to your doctor with questions and before changing your treatment.

When reading up on ulcerative colitis online, ask yourself:

  • Who runs this site? Are they selling anything?
  • Is this information based on scientific research?
  • Is this site up to date?
  • Do these claims seem too good to be true?

Here are some sources to get you started.

These professional medical organizations related to inflammatory bowel disease are geared toward doctors, but you can check the websites for news and recent research.

You can find people who chronicle their experiences with ulcerative colitis online. It can be reassuring to read others’ stories, but remember that these blogs are written by patients and while inspiring, they aren’t a source of expert medical advice.

Fierce and Flared:

The Colitis Blog:

The Little Big Spoon:

Most of the nonprofit organizations listed above have social media accounts you can follow on your favorite platforms. Follow the links on each organization’s website to get to the official accounts.

Facebook. There are many groups for people with ulcerative colitis and inflammatory bowel disease. Some are specific, like those for parents of children with ulcerative colitis or for pregnant people with inflammatory bowel disease. Most groups are private, so you’ll need to join to read the discussion or ask a question.

Reddit. This online forum is for people to discuss ulcerative colitis. Just read the conversation or join the subreddit to chime in.

Hashtags. Search the hashtags #ulcerativecolitis, #ucwarrior, and #myibd on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to find people writing about their conditions and organizations posting updates.

Misinformation spreads quickly on social media. Be careful to make sure you’re getting the facts.


  • Look for a symbol that says the account is verified.
  • Visit the account’s website for more context and details.
  • Check for the original source of information.