5 Tips for Keeping a Migraine Tracker

Medically Reviewed by Jabeen Begum, MD on November 08, 2021

Keeping track of when you have a migraine and the events that happened around the same time is one of the most valuable tools in your treatment plan. A thorough diary of your headaches will help you and your doctor spot triggers and trends that can help determine what's causing your migraines and the best way to treat them. Get the most out of your migraine tracker with these tips: 

  • Pick a tracking system you'll be able to use consistently, such as an app, a spreadsheet, a journal, or a paper calendar.
  • Go beyond just noting the date you had a migraine by including the time it started and ended, as well as its severity.
  • Note what you were doing several hours before your migraine started.
  • Be sure to include details about what you ate and drank in case something in your diet is a trigger.
  • Finally, add any relevant details about your mental or emotional state of mind at the time.