When Should I See a Doctor for Headaches?

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If you're having any serious headache, obviously you need to see your doctor. But if you're having new symptoms, for instance, you may be having dizziness all of a sudden associated with your headaches, check in with your doctor to see what might be going on.

But even when it comes to regular headaches a lot of people continue to treat their headaches at home when they actually need to see the doctor.

If you're having headaches three or more times a week, if you're needing an increasing amount of pain reliever medication to relieve your headaches or your headaches aren't going away or getting worse, check in with your doctor. Because changes in treatment can actually decrease the severity and the frequency of your headaches.

Other signs to watch out for is if you get headaches from coughing or bending over or laughing could be related to your blood pressure, but could be something else. Again check with your doctor. And a good rule of thumb is any time you notice anything different about your headaches, your doctor needs to know because he needs to find out what's going on.