Good Dental Habits

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Brenda Paulen, DMD Proud Smiles, Atlanta, GA
Keeping yourself healthy is one of the best things you can do for your kids… because quite often we’re sharing spoons, or straws, or kisses… so you don’t want to transmit a disease, such as gum disease to your kids. Rinses are really helpful if you have a tendency towards gum disease…that runs in families. What the rinses will do is take the bacteria that’s naturally in the mouth and thin them down and quiets their activity.

Brenda Paulen, DMD
Most important habit for a family is brushing and dental care twice a day. It’s great to actually have a second set of brushes and floss and toothpaste available for a child to take with them… and when having kids spend the night, have a reminder time, ‘hey kids, time to brush’. So you can’t rely just on your toothbrush, you’re gonna need to floss. In fact, I think I might be seeing a cavity right over there…”

Oh my god.

Brenda Paulen, DMD
Come have a seat on the chair. Another great habit as a family is to have a relationship with the neighborhood dentist and have appointments on a regular basis—normally twice a year. I can tell you brush and take care of those teeth…

Brenda Paulen, DMD
I love having the kids getting excited about coming in for their visit, jumping up in the chair, knowing the spotlight’s going to be on them, that they’re going to get tickled with the polisher and have their teeth counted…Nice.