Teaching Kids to Floss

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Brenda Paulen, DMD Proud Smiles, Atlanta, GA
And you're going to come in and you're going to wiggle in between two teeth Hi I’m Dr. Brenda Paulen. You know the best way to prevent cavities is not just brushing but flossing. And it’s really rather simple once you get the hang of it… you take a piece of floss, that’s the length of the tip of your fingers to your elbow and you wrap it around your middle finger…

Brenda Paulen, DMD
That leaves your pointer and your thumb free to manipulate it… Then you gonna come on into your mouth and start either in the center or in the back… and just squiggle in-between two teeth—wrap it in a "C" like motion and go up and down, couple of times… you just squiggle in…wipe…and before you know it, you’re fresh and clean.