The Truth About Going to the Dentist

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You know you need to do it. But you keep putting it off! Here's the truth about going to the dentist.

If your teeth are fine, do you really need to go?


A cavity doesn't always hurt. By the time it does, it's a lot bigger and harder to fill. Regular checkups and X-rays find cavities when they're small and before they cause pain.

So can you make up for neglect by some serious flossing a few days before you go in?

Sorry, no.

Flossing isn't fun. It's hard to get it between your teeth, and it's kind of gross. But it keeps your gums healthy. That not only makes for a nicer smile, it may lower your risk of heart disease and dementia, too.

So when you look at it that way, does it really seem so bad?

Will it hurt?


Your dentist has plenty of ways to make it anxiety-free and painless. There's nitrous oxide gas, a cream or gel to numb your gums, and that's before a shot that really numbs things up. Your dentist can take breaks now and then to make sure you're not feeling any discomfort.

And if you're worried, tell your dentist, and you two can talk through all the options. The truth is, those regular dental appointments can be something you (almost!) look forward to!

No, really. Almost.