In Plain Sight: Teeth

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Right now we'll take a look at my favorite body parts. When properly cared for, they're really sexy. And without them, we wouldn't be able to masticate.

When you look at-- wait, what are you doing? I said masticate. To chew your food? I'm talking about teeth.

When you look at teeth, what you're actually seeing is their hard outside covering, called enamel. Now let's see these pearly whites go to work.

Look at the incisors and canines chop and tear that food from its source and right into your mouth. So pretty, yet so deadly-- to apples.


Now phase two kicks in as the food is transferred to the premolars. They're bigger, stronger, and have ridges. Just look at them give that food the old crush and grind.

And batting clean-up, the mighty molars in the back. They grind the food down even more and prep it for its trip down the esophagus. Of course, after every meal, it's a good idea to brush properly.

Notice that graceful technique as the brush scrubs away plaque. Of course, this is a state-of-the-art brush. But toothbrushes date back to 3000 BC, when people would rub twigs with frayed ends against their teeth.

Ah, gentle back-and-forth strokes, meeting the teeth at a 45-degree angle. Textbook wrist action.

And don't forget to rinse and floss, too. Do those and brush every day, and you'll never have a problem masticating. Stop that! We've been through this already. Ugh, boys.