Ways Bad Posture Can Hurt Health

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Bad posture does more than make your back and neck mad at you. Here are other ways it can hurt your health over time.

Slouching in your seat gives your lungs and diaphragm less room to do their thing, which makes it harder for you to breathe.

Organs in your belly, like your intestine may also get cramped for space, affecting how well they function.

If you let your head jut forward, a joint in your jaw could become painfully overworked.

And if you stoop forward at the waist when you walk, your knees could end up feeling sore.

Some researchers even link poor posture to slumps in mood. Sit or stand up straight, they say, and it may help you think positive.

So keep your head up, literally. And when you're on the move, keep your shoulders back, pull your core in, and keep your knees slightly bent. Your body will thank you.