The Truth About Medical Marijuana

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Medical marijuana is legal in over 30 states and Washington DC. Here's the truth about it. Can it really be used as medicine? Yes. Some doctors prescribe it to treat problems like nausea during chemotherapy, tight or spastic muscles from multiple sclerosis, and certain rare seizure disorders.

Can it make you feel high? It depends. Marijuana has more than 100 active chemicals. Some cannabis contains mainly THC, the chemical that alters your senses. Others contain mainly CBD, a chemical that doesn't get you high.

Can medical marijuana make you paranoid? Yes. That's one possible side effect of THC. Others include dizziness, confusion, and dry mouth. If you take CBD, it can make you nauseous, tired, or irritable.

Can smoking marijuana damage your lungs? Yes. Over time, it could lead to problems like an ongoing cough or bronchitis. More research is needed to see if it raises your odds for lung cancer. But some large studies haven't found any link.

Marijuana comes in forms you don't have to smoke including food products, pills, oils, and nasal sprays. The types you can take depend on your condition. So talk to your doctor.