What Should I Keep in My Diaper Bag?

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Number one, I would put emergency numbers, because multiple caregivers will handle the bag. You want your pediatrician, your local hospital, poison control center. Any friends who are calming, I would include those numbers in there. The second thing that I would put in the bag would be a first aid kit so that you're going to assuage any anxiety you have were there to be an unexpected event.

The third and final thing that I would recognize is that any bag can be a diaper bag once you put a diaper in it. So if you want to rock a cool bag, use that. That can be your new diaper bag. You don't need products and the like to survive and thrive as a parent. You need the ability to be adaptable and resourceful. And the only way to do that is to experience the moment, learn from it, be resourceful, and never repeat that moment in the future.