3 Small Steps: Cut Back on Your Family’s Screen Time

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We could all use a little less time with our screens, but you don't have to pry those devices from your kid's hands. Take a few small steps to get everyone in the family to cut back. First, set a few family rules. Try for no screens during meals, in the car, or before bed. Limit screen time to certain areas of your home like the living room. And if you need stricter accountability for mom and dad too, set an alarm to turn off your Wi-Fi at a certain time every night.

Second, simply limiting time won't cure the urge so think of fun ideas to replace digital habits. Plan a night every week where parents and kids play board games or do puzzles, have a jam session or play charades. Get everyone active with basketball or bowling. Whatever you do, start by having everyone turn in their phones. You can even make it a game-- whoever tosses theirs in first gets to play first.

Third, do your kids run their social life through their screens? Encourage them to bring it back into real life. Plan monthly events for kids and a group of their friends that are designed to be screen free. Host an outdoor game day, build your own pizza party, or do some DIY arts and crafts.