3 Small Steps: Eat Healthier as a Family

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Getting your family to eat better doesn't have to be complicated. There are simple, easy habits you can start right now to get on the right track. First, eat one more meal together every week than you normally do. It doesn't have to be fancy. Start by adding a family sandwich night or Saturday breakfast to the calendar. Once you get going, try to work up to four meals together per week. Up the wow factor of these sit-downs and encourage your child to invite a friend. It will lighten the mood and boost everyone to recharge together.

Second, create a grab and go zone in your fridge or pantry. Pre-pack healthy snacks like hummus and carrots or apple slices and peanut butter. Put a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen table or countertop. When healthy snacks are easier to reach, it ups the chances your kids will choose them. You can even freeze teen-friendly meals like small homemade pizzas, so it's a cinch to heat something on the go.

Third, get your kids to plan one meal per week. Odds are they'll want to eat something healthy that they helped to create. Start by brainstorming menu ideas together and take them shopping to choose ingredients. Then, cook the meal together. You can try fun, kid-friendly recipes like fries from veggies, such as squash, zucchini, carrots, or beets. Bon appétit.