Excuse: Eating Healthy Is Expensive

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This one is a little tricky. Eating healthy is expensive than eating the most unhealthy diet, true. But it's less than you might think, about $1.50 more a day.

This may be a big deal for some families, but the benefits are huge.

Here are a few tricks.

For fresh fruits and veggies, try farmers markets or farm stands rather than grocery stores. Lots of these places eliminate the middleman, and therefore, some of the price tag. Buying local also helps eliminate the cost of long truck rides across the country.

Always try to buy foods in their least prepared form. A whole chicken is way cheaper than one that's precut. At the store, sure it'll take you a bit longer to prepare, but could save you several dollars every trip.

And try to aim for more natural whole foods rather than food that goes through a lot of processing.

Buy healthy foods in bulk. Brown rice, oatmeal, or dried beans last you weeks or even months. And just cook them up as you need them.

Eating a healthy diet helps give your kids energy, and helps them feel better, sleep better, and think better. Now that sounds like a great bargain for only $1.50 more a day. [MUSIC PLAYING]