Excuse: My Kids Are Picky Eaters

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Feeding picky eaters can definitely be a challenge. You may think you need to give your kid pizza again just so they'll eat SOMEthing.

But there are other ways for dealing with picky eaters.

First, keep trying new things. Introduce a food once, and then continue to offer it again in different forms and small portions. This increases the likelihood your child might finally try it. But be patient. Some children need to see a food 15 times before they'll actually try it.

Pick brightly-colored versions of common foods. Orange tomatoes, yellow carrots, purple broccoli. Same veggie, different color.

Add healthy dips or sauces to their plate, and encourage them to dip the new food to add some flavor. And try to get their help at the grocery store to pick new foods that look interesting.

Make sure you are setting a good example. Eat the healthy foods you are offering them.

And if they still refuse, you can even resort to hiding it. Shred zucchini or carrots into your tomato sauce, or blend spinach or kale into smoothies.

The important thing is if your child isn't hungry, don't force them to join the clean your plate club. Let them eat as much as they can, and be done.

After a little coaching, you may be surprised at how healthy and adventurous your picky eater can be. [MUSIC PLAYING]