Excuse: I Don’t Have Time to Cook

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Carpool, dance practice, soccer, little league, oh yeah, and homework. As parents, we all get crazy busy. But that doesn't mean home-cooked meals have to go out the window.

Studies show prepping and eating meals at home help cut down on carbs, fat, and calories. Plus, it costs a lot less.

Here are some ways to make cooking at home fit into your busy schedule.

Choose easy prep meals for a busy day, like healthy options you can throw in the microwave, or don't even require heating, like a hearty salad.

Another time-saver is to prep most of the meals for the week on Sunday.

Start with chopping all the onions you'll need for the week at one time. And precut all the veggies you'll need to make soup, and store them in one container. That way, when it's time to make the soup, everything's ready to go.

And make the most of what you've got. Try buying a whole cooked chicken from the grocery store and pull it apart for salads, soups, or even sandwiches. When all else fails, try a breakfast for dinner night, with some whole wheat toast, eggs, and fruit.

A balanced diet makes everyone healthier, better rested, and more able to pay attention in school, and may help keep your waistline smaller, too. [MUSIC PLAYING]