Excuse: My Kids Don’t Have Time to Exercise

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There are 168 hours in a week. A big chunk of it is taken up by sleep, school, sports, and homework. But there's still about 40 hours left over.

On an average, kids need 30 minutes of exercise a day five to six days a week. The payoff? Lots. They'll be physically stronger, less likely to be overweight, more attentive in school, and they'll sleep better.

So how do you help your kids get in their exercise? It doesn't need to mean a gym membership or daily time on the treadmill. Anything that gets your child moving counts, even fun things like dancing, playing tag, or shooting some hoops.

Are TV and video games monopolizing too much of their time? Teach them the power of bargaining. For every 30 minutes of exercise, even unstructured exercise like playing tag, give them 30 minutes of screen time.

If their social life is getting in the way, try setting up group activities like basketball, flag football, or even free swim time. All of this gets your kids and their friends moving around.

Live near a school? Encourage older kids to walk with a group of friends rather than take the bus to school.

And finally, make time for exercise as a family. It can be as simple as taking the dog for a long walk every night after dinner, going to the gym together, or going for bike rides as a family.

The more they move, the better you and your kids will feel. So cut the excuses and get going.