Guided Mindfulness for Parents and Kids

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Hey, everybody. I'm Kelly, and this is Georgia.


And we're going to practice a little yoga today. So first of all, Georgia, do you know what the word "yoga" means?


Well it is a form of exercise. But the word "yoga" actually means to connect or bring together. And it brings together the body, mind, and spirit. And it's also fun. So you can practice it with your mom and dad, your parents, or friends. Are you ready to do a little yoga?


Let's do some. So first, we're just going to come to any comfortable seat. Just kind of settle in a little bit. Just wiggle your spine. Just give a little wiggle side by side. And then come right back to the center, and lift your spine up. Bring your shoulders up to your ears. Give a nice squeeze.

And relax your shoulders. We're going to take your left hand on the ground and your right arm to the sky. You can look up to the trees. Take a few deep breaths here.

And go over to the other side. You want to slide your hand, reach up wide.

And then come right back to the center. Put your hands on your knees, and just hold onto your knees for the Seated Cat stretch. So with that one, you open your chest as you inhale. And as you exhale, round the spine, tuck your chin. And we'll just go ahead and do it a few times. Yeah, see how this works. It's really opening your spine.

[MUSIC PLAYING] And then just come right back to your regular. Maybe shake out your hands a little bit. Just kind of shake it out. And when you're ready, put your hands on the mat. Come into Child's Pose, where you sink back, forehead is on the ground.

As you inhale, come up into Table Pose and look at your fingers, or at least spread your fingers wide. Yeah, nice. Do you feel how steady you are here? Tap your toes a little bit. Lift your legs and your tailbone to the sky for Down Dog. Really stretch out your feet and stretch out your fingers.

And we're gonna start to walk your feet and your hands together. When they meet, just hang out in Forward Fold. Your hands can be on the ground or up by your legs. Just relax your head and your neck. Take a few breaths here in Upside Down Standing Forward Fold.

[MUSIC PLAYING] On an inhale, come on up. Strong legs. Reach your arms to the sky, and bring your hands to your heart. Just notice your breath here. Just take a few breaths. Strong legs, and press your feet into the ground.

We're going to open to the Wide-Legged Stance. So take a little turn, open your arms, draw your belly button in, and roll your shoulders back. You can even just kind of relax your shoulders here.

Reach your arms to the sky, take your hands and your pointer fingers into Temple pose. From here, open your arms and go into Warrior 2. Yeah. Relax your shoulders. Just look out over your fingertips. You can even relax your face. And then gently straighten your leg and go the other way.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Straighten that leg, and come on down into Down Dog. Step your leg back into Down Dog. Gently stretch out your spine. And you can drop into Child's Pose.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Coming into a seated position, so you're just seated on your heels. And just let yourself relax. So relax your face, relax your whole body. I want you to close your eyes, just focus on your breath. Deep inhales through the nose.

And then long exhales through the nose. You may notice your thoughts, right? The thoughts come and go. And just let the thoughts come and go. You can just let them pass by like a big cloud passing through the blue sky. And bringing your attention back to your breath.

And then gently open your eyes. Just feeling the ground beneath you, and just notice how you feel.

This can be like a mini vacation, right?

It can be really nice to create some space inside. Thank you for practicing today, Georgia. Namaste.