Makeover: Happier Birthday Parties

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Where's the rule that sugar and soda make a birthday happy? You can makeover your kid's celebration with healthier choices that are just as fun for everyone.

It starts with serving better food. Fruits and veggies are fun and festive with lots of choices to please everyone. Replace soda with water flavored with oranges, limes, or berries. Let kids make their own fun mixes.

The birthday cake is the best part. And you don't have to get rid of it. Just try making it smaller. Mini-cupcakes mean more flavors everyone will love. So after everyone eats, now what? Nah, time for some fun party moves.

You know those field days at school that kids love? Make one at home. Invent a fun game that fits your party's theme. Remember, the more they move, the better they'll sleep that night.

Time for party favors? Skip the candy and send kids home with more active treats. Trust me, the other parents will thank you.