Family Makeover: Everyday Moves

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Kids spend all day in school, and parents are usually stuck behind a desk. And then, we all come home and sit some more. What's that about?

Shake things up. Taking just a few minutes every day to have some fun can get your family moving and energize you to make good choices all day long.

First, mornings. Sure, you're hustling to get out the door, but there's still time to move, while kids wait for the bus or dad waits for that coffee to brew. And when it's time to run errands, turn them into a game. Can your kids skip their way through the cereal aisle?

Your weekly grocery haul can be quite a workout too. You can even take a break from your family's favorite TV show to get up and move. And if video games are more their speed, sub in some active choices. Just make sure you don't pull a muscle.