Makeover: Help Your Family Relax

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Looks nice, right? When are you due for a little R&R? This weekend? Next month? How about today? It looks like you're doing nothing, but relaxing is important for your whole family's health, so make time for it. Here are three times during the day your family can reconnect and recharge no matter how busy you are.

Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, slow down and share a meal together, even just a few minutes to chat about your day. It's a low key way to chill out as a family. Once dinner is done, take advantage of a few minutes of free time away from noisy distractions. Switch off the TV and take a family walk or play ball.

A little moving can ease stress and help you sleep better. Got a few minutes before lights out? Unwind together to get everyone ready to fall asleep or if quiet time is what you need, hand everyone a book to read. When you choose to add some R&R to your schedule, you'll feel better, sleep better, and have more energy for tomorrow.