Makeover: Skip the Screen

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We see screens everywhere-- at work, at school, even at the gas station. Sometimes, you need them. But stare at them all day, and you could miss out on the chance to make healthier choices.

So how do you get your family to do a digital detox? Try it for just one night a week. First, after homework is done, gather screens from everyone and put them into the basket-- well, the ones that fit.

Next, plan ahead. How will you fill the time your family spends with texting, Snapchat, and TV? You remember. There are lots of things to do off the grid. Get outdoors, plan your next family vacation, or challenge everyone to a family game night.

The final step-- and maybe the hardest-- keep those devices in the bucket all night. Don't give in and check them before bed. The light from screens can make it harder to fall asleep, and so can late night social media binges.

So give it a try. Who knows? After a few screen-free nights of family fun, you might want to unplug together more often.