Makeover: Stress Relief for Real Life

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Let's face it. Stress is a part of life. What matters is how you handle it. To keep from slipping into a spiral of bad choices, you got to have some go-to healthy ways for your family to deal. Here are three fast ways to get everyone to de-stress.

Number 1, instead of mindless surfing, try deep, mindful breathing. It's easy for adults and kids to master. Plus, it helps your body and brain to calm down.

Number 2, don't head to the fridge. Head outside for a walk. Moving your body gives you the chance to burn off what's bugging you, even if you don't break a sweat.

Number 3, instead of all that drama, ever notice how relaxed you feel after a good laugh? It works your heart, lungs, and muscles, and then helps them to relax so you feel lighter and calmer.

Use these tricks any time, anywhere, no matter what's bugging you. You've got nothing to lose but stress.