Is It Normal to for Kids to Hate Exercise?

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It can be. I mean, just like adults, if kids don't have a fun way to get active, it is just a dreaded chore, especially if they don't feel like an athlete. But exercise is so important for helping them sleep, and stay focused, and feel good about themselves. They shouldn't just skip it.

Help your kids learn that it's good to choose to move. And here's a secret. You don't have to call it "exercise." But don't sweat it if they're not into sports or dance. Help them find a more unique way to get active, like walking the dog or following along with a workout app.

And get outdoors together. And don't let rain stop you. Just play inside. And when you're all together, it's a perfect opportunity to make family time into movin' it time.

You may have to lay down the law about screen time. Switch it off-- yours too. No one wants to just sit on a couch. So it's a great chance to get them up and moving.

Show your kids that you choose to be active. You can literally walk the walk and get all the health benefits that come with it.