Kids Not Sleepy at Bedtime -- Is That Normal?

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It sure happens a lot. But I'm not tired. Ask any parent. They've heard it at least once. If it's your teen, it's definitely normal. And you can blame biology. Right around puberty, a kid's internal clock makes them want to fall asleep and wake up later. Plus, they're packing so much into their schedules.

With younger kids, once in a while is normal. It happens. But if it happens a lot, it's time to think about some changes that can make sleep a natural choice. Exercise helps kids use up energy and sleep better at night. Just make sure they don't do it too close to bedtime.

Our brains don't have an automatic on, off switch. They need about an hour to wind down before going into sleep mode. So build relaxation into their bedtime routine, like reading, drawing, or listening to some quiet music.

And shut off the screens. Phones, computers, TVs, and video games make it hard for kids' brains to power down. Keep screens out of the bedroom.

Limit how much sugar and caffeine your kids get during the day. Sub in foods that will give them real energy. If your kids still have trouble getting to sleep, talk to your pediatrician.