Is It Normal for Kids to Be So Stressed?

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Adults aren't the only ones who can feel stress. It's a fact of life for kids of all ages. Some teens even feel more stress than we do. There are all the obvious reasons-- homework, tryouts, fights with their friends. And some stress sources, we don't even have to deal with, like social media.

As much as you'd like to, you can't totally keep stress out of their lives. But you can help them choose healthy ways to deal with it. When they're tired, everyday stress is harder to handle. Make sure they get at least 8 hours of sleep every night-- yes, even on weekends.

Just like homework and sports, time to recharge deserves a spot in their schedules. Help them choose something fun and relaxing, not just staring at their phones. Exercise helps everyone burn through energy and stress. So get them to move throughout the day so it adds up to at least 60 minutes.

And you can join too, you know. Sometimes, kids just need to know you're there. You can keep it simple. You can chat in the car on the way to practice or even just sit down with them for a quick breakfast. Breakfast.

And don't forget yourself. While you're helping your kids choose healthy ways to handle stress, take your own advice. Your whole family will thank you.