When Should My Toddler Stop Napping?

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Joy Brown
This concerned father wants to know. When is it okay for my toddler to stop napping and what should I do if she wants to stop before I want her to?

Dr. Bhargava
Well, every child has a different sleep pattern and some kids will nap until they are five years old and some kids will only nap until they are three years old. And generally, a good a rule of thumb is that if you feel that the child is staying up really late, because they had a nap, then you might start thinking about whether that child really needs a nap.

Dr. Bhargava (cont.)
For example, if your child is napping between two and four, but then won't go to bed or doesn't seem to get sleepy until 10 at night. Well, that's probably an indication that either cut down the time of the nap or maybe it's time eradicate that nap altogether.

Joy Brown
That's great advice, that's a perfect indicator.