WebMD Countdown: 6 Secrets to Better Sex

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Sex. It's natural, healthy, beautiful. Feels good and, here's the clincher, it's good for you. But let's be honest. Not all of you are happy with the quality or quantity of your action betwixt the sheets.


Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. We've got the top six secrets to better sex. Kicking off our countdown at Number 6, it's time to pump up your sex life.

A daily workout increases blood flow to all those important areas. It makes a woman's body more sensitive to touch and stimulation, and improves sexual function in men. Not to mention, an increased sex drive and more stamina. No matter who you are, a little bit of exercise goes a long way.

Number 5. Think alcohol will help set the mood? Think again. Too much liquid courage lessens sensitivity and can kill your climax. It can also decrease blood flow due to dehydration. And without blood flow, the big game is over before it started.

Our Number 4 sex secret. Schedule a sex date. Putting a rendezvous on the calendar builds anticipation and gives both partners something to look forward to.

Number 3. Hugs. They're not just for grandma anymore. Hugs and touching release oxytocin, better known as the cuddle hormone, causing us to feel closer to our partners and more interested in intimacy. And you know where that leads to.

So the next time you hear, is it OK if we just cuddle? Remember, all is not lost. Cuddling can be a kick-starter.

And Number 2. It turns out that old wives' tale about the love-sex connection, well, it's true. It's real simple. Happy people who feel loved and appreciated by their partner want more, and have more and better, sex.

And the Number 1 secret to great sex? Communication. Yes, communication is key. Talk to your other half about your desires, your likes, your dislikes. And be as open as possible. Don't assume they know what you want. And when they're talking, listen.

So there you have it. Six tips for better sex.