What Are Sex Positions From Behind?

Medically Reviewed by Carmelita Swiner, MD on July 05, 2023
3 min read

Sex from behind is when partners face the same direction with one partner behind the other. There are many ways to have sex from behind. They’re part of a group of sex positions known as rear-entry. The key is for the giving partner to be behind the receiving partner.

Sex from behind has been around for as long as humans have been having sex. In ancient Rome, this position was known as coitus more ferarum, which in Latin means "sexual intercourse in the manner of wild beasts.”

The ancient Indian text Kama Sutra refers to it as the “cow position” or the “congress of a cow.”

Today you’re likely to hear it called doggy style. According to a Women’s Health poll, many men listed as their favorite sex position. 

Doggy style is the traditional sex from behind position. The receiving partner is in front of the giving partner and bends over or gets on all fours. The giving partner penetrates their vagina or anus.

Variations of sex from behind

There are hundreds of ways to have sex from behind. What you can do mostly depends on how flexible and adventurous you and your partner are or want to be. These are the most common, easiest, and safest sex from behind positions: 

The corkscrew

The receiving partner lies on their side on the edge of the bed with their buttocks facing out. They rest on their hip and forearm and press their thighs together. The giving partner stands on the side of the bed and straddles the receiving partner, entering from behind.

Pretzel dip

The receiving partner lies on their side. The giving partner kneels and straddles the receiver’s bottom leg while moving their partner’s top leg forward toward their head. 

The lazy dog (also known as the flatiron)

The receiving partner lies face down on the bed, legs straight, and hips slightly raised (a pillow placed under their stomach can help raise them up). The giving partner climbs on top.

The downward dog

The receiving partner assumes the downward dog yoga position and spreads their legs so the giving partner can reach the vagina or anus from behind. A variation is for the receiver to keep their legs closed while the giver straddles them.


The receiving partner puts their hands and feet on the floor. The giving partner picks them up by the pelvis and rests their legs around their own hips. The giving partner provides support by holding up the receiving partner’s thighs.


While in the doggy style position, the receiving partner lowers their head toward the ground and rests it there while keeping their buttocks in the air. 

Stand and deliver 

Both partners stand. The receiving partner stands in front with their back toward the giving partner and bends over at the waist. 

The caboose 

With the giving partner seated on a chair, the receiving partner backs their buttocks into the giving partner’s lap. 

Scoop me up (also known as spooning)

Both partners lie on their sides, facing the same direction. The receiving partner slightly lifts their upper leg to allow for penetration from behind.

Having sex from behind lets you experiment with a wide variety of entry points and positions. It  also provides an ideal angle to stimulate a the vaginal G-spot, and lets the giver control the depth of penetration.

Communication is important when trying new sexual positions. Make sure the lines of communication are open between you and your partner to ensure they know what is going on and reduce the chance of injury.

Men should be careful when having sex from behind. One study showed that it was responsible for over a quarter of penile fractures.

When thrusting, make sure to keep the head of the penis inside the vagina or anus to avoid it slipping out and being bent against your partner’s backside.