What is a Sex Swing?

Medically Reviewed by Gabriela Pichardo, MD on July 02, 2023
3 min read

A sex swing is a device that lifts and suspends one partner off the ground while the other partner or partners can move around them freely to engage in sex. Usually made of rope, fiber, leather, or another sturdy material that can hold a person’s body comfortably and safely, sex swings provide flexibility and variety for sexual activity.

Sex expert Megan Stubbs defines a sex swing for Shape Magazine as “any device that can elevate you and/or your partner, helping you get into new positions or your favorite positions with more ease".

There are many different kinds of sex swings, and many different ways to use them. Most people use them as a way to spice up your sex life. There are a few general types:

Traditional Sex Swings 

These include two primary straps and stirrups with additional options like handles and headrests. You can install them in many different ways, like ceiling hooks, free-standing frames, and between the walls in a hallway. They allow for the highest number of sexual positions.

Body Sex Swings

The partner wears the sex swing like a life jacket with additional straps to support the buttocks and legs. There are handles and leg straps for the partner on the ground to move and control the harness.

Door Sex Swings 

These swings are installed over a door and secured by the door frame. They work like a playground swing, where the partner in the air is supported by a strap across their butt. These can also include leg and arm straps. While there is a limited range of motion, installation is quick and easy.

Sex Slings 

Sex slings are like a hammock and usually come with a free-standing base for support. Sex slings tend to be more expensive and have a limited number of position options compared to other swing styles, but they are comfortable for the swinging partner.

Sex swings have become popular because they provide an easy way to have more exciting and better sex by allowing you to change up the positions you can try. Sex swings allow you and your partner to try new positions and stimulate parts of the body from angles that aren’t possible when having sex on a bed.

People also like sex swings because they are relatively cheap and easy to use. Most sex swings cost less than $100. The more upscale models cost up to a couple hundred dollars.

First, think about which swing you and your partner would like to try. One expert recommends starting off with a door sex swing because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to set up.

Second, identify where to set it up. Will you keep it up permanently or store it after each use?  One good, safe location to hang a sex swing is from a sturdy ceiling bar in the middle of an open room. Another approach is a sex swing with its own support system. Sex swings with a swing stand are more expensive and require more effort to set up, but they could be easier than taking out the hammers, nails, screws, and screwdrivers that some of the other swings require.

Regardless of which sex swing you choose, make sure to read the instruction manual and installation guides carefully.

It’s important to clean any sex toy, especially if you use it with a partner.  You can clean cloth sex swings in a washing machine, and simply use anti-bacterial soap and water for nylon or leather swings.