Finding Time as a Couple

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Dr. Ruth, Westheimer, PhD, Sex Therapist
That pull of children, I've raised two children, to make that your priority, that pull is very strong. That's why I say to couples, you must make a date once a week out of the house. Don't tell me you don't have money. Save on something else. Save on diamonds, on anything else. Go out once a week in order to have that relationship between the two of you. Because if you wait until the kids go to college when they are 18, it's a catastrophe, because then you sit at the dinner table and you have nothing to talk about. So you have to keep up your own interests, you have to keep up your own passions, I don't care what it is, golf, tennis, whatever it is. Skiing, whatever it is doesn't have to always be together. You have to have separate interests. Maybe she wants to go to the opera and he doesn't. Don't drag him to the opera. Take your girlfriend to the opera, rather than have him snore next to you, and then you are going to be annoyed. But you have to keep that communication alive, and you have to be aware that children, especially in our days, very demanding, teenagers, it's even more difficult because they stay up all night. Little ones, at least you can put to bed and have some privacy. So, there are lots of things that people have to be aware of.