The Husband-Brother Talk

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: How do I talk to my husband, brother, or son about their sexual health?

Steven Lamm, MD
Do not underestimate the central role of sexuality in a man's being. Men on a deserted island want to be able to have an erection. It's independent of whether they are going to have sex or not. So appreciate that this is a method, a direction which can be used by women to improve the overall health of the man, and hopefully to improve the nature of the relationship as well. And if you have brothers, or you have sons, you can alter their behavior by explaining to them hey, I understand that your behavior is not conducive to a great sex life. It may be shocking for mothers to say that to a child, but let me tell you, it can make a difference between their stopping to smoke or not.

All right, so you talk to a lot of men in your office. Give me a script that I can say to my son, my husband.

Steven Lamm, MD
We need to do everything to preserve your vitality and your vibrancy. You're a vital, vibrant man. Your health, your wellness is the single greatest contributive to your vitality and your vibrancy. Your vitality and your vibrancy translates into better sex, better sexual performance, and this is an area, you have to impress upon him that it's important to you as a partner, it's important to you that your son preserve his or her, well if it's a daughter, for her health, and there are practices which we know right now can either have a positive impact or a negative impact and it's up to them.