Sexual Performance and Your Health

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What is the link between my sexual performance and my health?

Steven Lamm, MD
A man's sexual performance is a barometer of their health. In order for a man to perform, that is in order for a man to have an erection, which is simply the delivery of blood flow to the penis, you need the orchestration of nerves and blood vessels and hormones. And these tiny blood vessels are a microcosm in some ways of the whole body. And so these blood vessels lose their elasticity, lose their ability to expand. If they lose their ability to be receptive to nerve impulses, it's a marker of some kind of blood vessel aging atherosclerotic process.

Steven Lamm, MD (cont.)
Disorders that are common in our society, such as obesity, such as stress and depression, hypertension, smoking, atherosclerosis, that is high cholesterol for example, all impact on sexual performance, so it's a sexual health and overall health issue and so for me, in my practice, as I've said to many patients, whether or not they have sex or not is their concern. What's important to me is whether they are capable of having sex.