Are Men Obsessed With Their Genitals?

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Are men today more obsessed with their genital functions?

Sheldon Marks, MD
There seem to be a lot more obsession by the post people asking these questions on penile size, ejaculatory volume, and issues that really aren't so much health issues but body image issues. Things are changing. People now no longer seem content with how they are and they want to be something else. And so we're trying to figure out why that this is going on. The only thing that several of us have been able to come up with is, it's the Internet. And pornography, and that young guys and women are seeing men who are not normal, maybe particularly healthy, you know what I mean, well-endowed beyond anything that they will ever see in their life, and they now compare themselves to these porn stars. And they look down there and they don't see something that impressive, and they don't understand why they're not that way. And the answer is, because very few people are that way. That's not necessarily the norm.