Do Penile Pumps Work?

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: Do penile pumps work?

Sheldon Marks, MD
Penile pumps, and there's mechanical devices that can be inserted, those are all good for erection; and they work great. And back before the days of Viagra, that was a common operation. If a guy had diabetes or a prior pelvic surgery, and he couldn't get a good erection, and the conservative options like vacuum devices and injections didn't work, we had amazing results with penile implants, whether inflatable or mechanical. And almost all the men that had those implants were thrilled with them. But with the advent of these new medications out now, most men don't need that. There's still a need for it, and there's still experts around the world that specialize in that and get great results. But that doesn't change the length or the width of the penis. It just simply restores the ability for rigidity.