Should Men Take Herbal Supplements?

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Will herbal supplements enlarge my penis?

Sheldon Marks, MD
No. You are born a certain way based on your genetics. If you don't like your genitals then choose different parents. There is nothing you can do. Taking herbs will not improve your penile length. Weights on the end of your bed while you sleep will not improve it. The vacuum devices that they sell will not do it. You are born with what you're born with, and rather than stress and fret about problems or perceived inadequacies, you really should be focusing on ways of finessing what you've got to make yourself and your partners happy. What you can do is be healthy, take care of yourself, learn other techniques to enhance the relationship. It's not just all about penile length. There's other things that you can do during lovemaking that will enhance pleasure for the female partner if that's what it's all about. If it's just simply wanting to feel proud in the shower in front of other guys, then you just have to understand that that's who you are, that's how you were born, and rather than spending your energy and time focusing on what you don't have, focus on what you do have.