Penile Enlargement Surgeries

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: Do penile enlargement surgeries work?

Sheldon Marks, MD
There are techniques for penile enlargement surgery and what that involves… you really don't enlarge the penis but what you really do is change perception. There is a ligament that holds the penis up and when you cut that ligament it drops down, and it can actually increase in length maybe a quarter of an inch or half an inch, not enough to even be significant. But there's risks with that. Then there's techniques where they can inject fat along the penis to try to make it look bigger. But even if you look at interviews with hundreds of men who've had these penile enlargement operations, almost all of them have disasters, they're unhappy, they don't like how it turned out and time and again the interviews almost always ended with the man saying, "I wish I never did this," "avoid it at all costs", "it's not what you think". Complications are horrible, imagine getting a horrible infection down there – the scarring, the misery, chronic pain…curvature that can't be corrected. Most men that opt for penile enlargement surgery using current technologies are very, very unhappy and it's really not a wise thing to do.