Inside the Office of a Sex Therapist

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Michael Perelman, PhD, Sex and Marital Therapist
What is it like to come to a sex therapist's office for a consultation? The main difference in coming to a sex therapist as opposed to any other therapist or ?? your primary care doctor, or even your ob/gyn, is we are going to ask you much more detailed questions about your sexuality. And while that's while perhaps interesting to everybody on one level, and embarrassing, the fact of the matter is we're like sex detectives. The reasons we want to ask these questions is actually because it's the way you solve the problem, just like any other problem in life. Again, I'm going to make the point that dealing with sex, is really not, is not any different than dealing with any other area. That's what I've learned in the last 35 years. The more I can just try and solve a problem, just the same way I would any other problem, then the easier this becomes to solve.