Starting to Date Again?

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What worries most women entering the dating field? What do you find that worry most women entering the dating field are concern about?

Michael Perelman, PhD, Sex and Marital Therapist
The same things women are concerned about who aren't entering the dating field, which is their bodies. Women in our society unfortunately get preoccupied with the flaws in their bodies because we have a society that promotes a kind of perfection that is often artificially enhanced by Photoshop or photos or plastic surgery, and you know women suffer greatly because of this. And women who have been out of the dating market if you will, not meeting and greeting in that kind of way, are frequently very, very anxious about that. And that can cause them to avoid the very situations that might facilitate both meeting people and staying in shape, like going to the gym. You know you're feeling self conscious, so you stay home. You stay home, you're watching TV, you get bored, you start eating late at night because you're kind of lonely and anxious, it makes you even more self conscious about going to the gym and it becomes a viscous cycle. You have to break that cycle. You have to get people out, get people exercising. And also helping them feel better about themselves and understanding that there aren't any perfect guys that they are going to be going out with and accepting themselves and projecting a good attitude will make all the difference in the world.