Improving Your Man's Sexual Health

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: What role can women play in men's sexual health?

Steven Lamm, MD
If we're going to realize the potential of getting men to change their health behavior with the hope of improving their sex life, we need to get women involved. Women need to very clearly direct their men with reference to their healthcare, to explain to them very clearly that they understand that there is an important link between the health of a man and the sexual capacity of a man, and I think that when a woman appreciates that there's a change in the man's performance, it's really the need for medical attention and not to blame either one of the parties for this happening.

Steven Lamm, MD (cont.)
Women have to understand that if they notice a change in their husband's or their partner's performance, it's not the result of let's say a problem with the relationship, although it might be, alright, but it is really an opportunity for them to say, you know honey, I think that we really probably need to go to the doctor because sex is important in our relationship, but maybe even more so, I'm concerned about your health. Maybe we need to, you know watching or listening to WebMD I heard the doctor talk about high cholesterol as a cause, or sleep problems as a cause, and that will really help drive men to the doctor in a positive way.