What are Sex Ramps?

Medically Reviewed by Gabriela Pichardo, MD on July 02, 2023
3 min read

A sex ramp is a piece of furniture designed to support the body in different sex positions. They have a triangular shape with one raised end and a sloped surface. By taking stress off of the body, sex ramps can make it easier to hold positions for a longer period of time or more comfortably. Their angle often allows for deeper penetration as well.

Some people also benefit from more friction or stability that a sex ramp provides, allowing a partner to get better traction without putting additional pressure on their joints. Additionally, some sex ramps come with places to attach restraints or pockets to hold vibrating devices.

Sex ramps can make sex better for people of all body types and abilities. They take stress off of vulnerable joints or overworked core muscles and can help people try different positions. Varying the angle of vaginal or anal penetration can also provide different or more powerful sensations. 

While sex ramps can benefit anyone, they can be especially useful for people who need additional support during sex. Older people, for example, may find that sex ramps allow them to sustain sexual positions without worrying about stressing their body. 

Those with lower back pain can use sex ramps to manage aches and pains without sacrificing sexual pleasure.

People with some physical disabilities may also benefit from the use of pillows and other supports.

Many people use the terms “sex ramp,” “sex wedge,” and “sex pillow” interchangeably. It’s a good idea to check on the specifics of any potential purchase to make sure it matches what you think you’re getting.

In general:

Sex Ramp

A sex ramp is a bigger sex pillow or piece of sex furniture designed to support your torso and lower back.

Sex Wedge

A sex wedge is a smaller, more focused pillow, designed to support a particular area of your body. For example, you might use it to elevate your pelvis.

Sex Pillow

Sex pillow is a generic term that can refer to a sex ramp, sex wedge, or a different shape of pillow. You can find options designed to aid people with certain conditions, one that rocks during sex, or one made for solo play as well as sex with a partner. 

Most people can use sex ramps safely. Don’t use one to get into positions that put additional stress on your body, and take particular care of your neck and spine.

Partners can benefit from using sex ramps in a variety of sex positions, including: 

Missionary Position

Using the ramp to elevate one partner’s hips can relieve potential strain and allow deeper penetration.

Reverse Cowgirl Position

Pair the ramp with a wedge or a couple of pillows to ease the potentially awkward angle of reverse cowgirl. The person on the bottom can use the ramp to support their back and elevate bent knees with the wedge or pillows.

Doggy Style Position

The person in front can kneel behind the raised end of the ramp and drape their upper body down the ramp. The person behind can kneel behind them. If the person in front has good balance, you can also use the ramp to achieve standing penetration in a doggy-style position. Place the ramp so that the raised side aligns with the edge of the bed. The person in front then places their knees at the top of the ramp and leans forward, using their hands and arms to help balance. 

Most sex ramps come with a machine-washable cover, making cleanup easy. If yours does not, consult the original packaging for device-specific care.