What Are Sex Swing Positions?

Medically Reviewed by Carmelita Swiner, MD on July 05, 2023
3 min read

Sex swings are made of fiber, rope, or other strong material that can hold a person’s body in the air comfortably and safely. Sex swings provide a wide variety of different sexual experiences.

There are many different kinds of sex swings and sex swing positions. They include:

Body Sex Swings

One partner straps into what looks like a life jacket and is suspended in the air. There are additional straps to support the legs and handles for the other partner or partners to move and control the harness.

Door Sex Swings 

These swings are secured over a door. While they have a limited range of motion, they are simple to install. They are used similar to how a playground swing is used and can include leg and arm straps.

Sex Slings 

Sex slings look like a hammock and typically have their own free-standing base. The suspended partner has the option to strap in or swing freely.

Traditional Sex Swings 

These swings are composed of two primary straps and stirrups. They can also include handles and headrests. They can hold up to two people and typically hang from ceiling hooks, free-standing frames, or between the walls in a hallway. 

Sex swing positions are as varied and diverse as regular sex positions, except that one or both partners are suspended in the air by a sex swing. Some variations of sex swing positions include:

Standing Missionary

The receiving partner straps into the swing with their back towards the ground. With each foot in a leg strap, they open their legs to allow the penetrating partner to come between them.

Hanging Doggy Style

The receiving partner leans over and has the swing support them by the waist. The penetrating partner can lift both legs or put them in straps if available and come in from behind.

Swinging Cowgirl and Swinging Reverse Cowgirl

In this position, the penetrating partner sits in the swing and their partner climbs on top, facing them (cowgirl), or with their back to them (reverse cowgirl).  

Sitting Up Straight

Using the seat of the sex swing to support the back of the thighs, the receiving partner can stand on the leg straps and move up and down onto the penetrating partner, who is standing behind them.

Hanging Ass Out

In this position, the receiving partner lets their buttocks hang below the swing seat and holds the supporting straps with their hands. The penetrating partner can either approach from behind or be lying on the ground, depending on the height of the sex swing.

Swinging Oral Sex

Oral sex can also be performed using the sex swing. The penetrating partner can stand, sit, or lie down, depending on the height of the sex swing.

They Can Only Be Done with a Partner

Sex swings can be used for solitary masturbation. Be sure, however, that you’re able to get in and out of the sex swing safely by yourself.

Before using a sex swing, be sure to safely install it and read the instructions. Make sure your partner also understands how to use the sex swing. Communicate with your partner when using the sex swing to ensure you’re on the same page regarding position requirements and switching positions.

Some experts recommend trying a door sex swing first because they’re easy to set up and relatively inexpensive. That way you and your partner can try to see if the swing is something you want to bring into your sex life without spending too much or installing something more permanent.