What Are Standing Sex Positions?

Medically Reviewed by Carmelita Swiner, MD on July 05, 2023
3 min read

Standing sex positions are when one or both partners are on their feet during sex. These positions can also include one or both partners bending over, kneeling, or squatting.

Standing sex positions offer a wide variety of options. While some aren't the easiest way to have sex, they can bring an added level of exciting physical challenges and spur-of-the moment newness to your lovemaking.

There are several dozen standing sex positions. You can use them for vaginal or anal penetration, oral sex, or manual sex. Here are a few options.

Oral sex positions:

Standing O

The receiving partner stands on both feet while the giving partner kneels in front of them. The receiving partner can then guide their partner’s head with their hands and instruct them to lick, kiss, or suck on their genitals. 

Face Dive

The receiving partner sits on a counter or table with legs spread apart. The giving partner then stands or kneels and moves their head to their partner’s genitals. The receiving partner can stay either sitting up or lying down. 

Standing 69

This position is a little trickier and requires one partner to have enough strength to hold the other in the air for a period of time. 

Begin with the stronger partner sitting in a chair or on a bed. Facing the same direction, the other partner leans over and puts their head in their partner’s lap and uses their hands for support. The stronger partner helps them get to an upside-down position.

Once both partner’s heads are between each other’s thighs, each partner should wrap their arms around the other’s waist and hold on tight. Next, the stronger partner stands up and each partner stimulates their partner’s genitals with their tongue and mouth. 

Vaginal sex positions:

Three-Legged Stance

Facing each other, the receiving partner lifts one leg up while the giving partner supports that leg with their arm. If balance is an issue, the receiving partner can lean up against a wall.


The receiving partner lies down like they’re going to do a push-up. The giving partner moves behind them, picks up their partner’s legs, and rests them around their hips. The receiving partner keeps their hands on the ground as the giving partner moves forward and penetrates.

Stand and Deliver

The giving partner stands behind the receiving partner as they face the same direction. The receiving partner bends over and spreads their legs slightly to allow for penetration.

Upstanding Citizen

The receiver faces their partner, puts their arms on their shoulders, and jumps up to wrap their legs around their waist. This position works well if the receiving partner is pressed up against a wall.

Anal Sex Positions:

On the Counter

The receiving partner lies on their back on a countertop or table with their legs up in the air. The giving partner can use a stool or other prop to make sure the height of their hips is at the same level as their partner’s.

Over the Counter

Both partners face a countertop or table. The receiving partner stands in front, bends over and spreads their legs slightly. The giving partner penetrates from behind.

Standing Doggy

Both partners face a countertop or table. The receiving partner stands in front, bends over and spreads their legs slightly. The giving partner penetrates from behind, then raises their upper body and presses their back against their partner’s chest.

Most standing sex positions require some level of physical strength and balance in order to be done safely. Thinking through how you and your partner are going to pull them off requires communication and a little bit of planning to ensure neither of you gets hurt.

Balancing your body

When you’re in the air, try to find your center of gravity for balance. You can work with your partner to make sure you’re comfortable while suspended.

Use your surroundings

Don’t hesitate to use a chair or the side of the bed to support yourself. You can also lay on a table or countertop while your partner stands.

Change positions often

Just because you started off in one position doesn’t mean you have to stay in it for the entire time. As soon as you start cramping or feeling any discomfort, disengage and change positions.

Use props

A sex swing, sex pillow, or sex ramp all help with sex standing up.