What Is the 69 Sex Position?

Medically Reviewed by Carmelita Swiner, MD on July 07, 2023
3 min read

Sixty-nine is a common nickname for when sexual partners give each other oral stimulation at the same time. The nickname refers to the positions of the bodies fitting together like the shape of the number 69. 

Sixty-nine or 69ing is a common form of foreplay because it gives mutual satisfaction rather than one partner just giving and one just receiving. It is intimate and is a personal preference. Some religions have taboos about oral sex in any form, and some people do not enjoy it. For those who do enjoy it, however, it can be part of a healthy sex life and relationship.

Sixty-nine is the umbrella term for two partners in a stomach-to-stomach position using their mouths to give each other oral pleasure at the same time. Fellatio and cunnilingus, respectively, refer to oral sex on the male and female genitals.

Different positions can be used for 69 sex, but comfort for both partners is key. The classic pose has one person lying flat on the bottom with the other on top, but with some practice and maneuvering, you can enjoy 69 sex in other positions.

These include lying on your side, one partner squatting over a sitting partner, or, for the more athletic, one partner standing and holding the other upside down. Depending on your preferences, some of these positions will work better than others. It's all part of exploring what you and your partner like best.

Some people worry about giving or receiving oral sex. Anxiety can stem from concerns about hygiene, a fear of losing control, or the belief that their partner won’t enjoy their technique. Others view 69ing as something that builds trust and intimacy. The most important thing to remember is that if both partners are willing, 69 sex can be a pleasurable expression of love in a relationship.

There are many myths about oral sex that prevent people from engaging in or enjoying 69 sex.

Women may have been told that they need to improve the smell and taste of their vagina for their partner to enjoy oral sex. A popular myth is that eating pineapple can change the taste of your vagina. However, this is not possible or necessary. Of course, if your vagina has a foul smell or has changed taste, you may want to see a doctor. However, the regular smell and taste of your vagina is nothing to feel self-conscious about or change.

Another common misconception is that women can only reach orgasm with oral sex. A recent study found that more oral sex is a predictor of a women’s likelihood of orgasm. But, sex that lasts longer, deep kissing, and genital stimulation were also predictors of a woman’s ability to reach climax.

In reality, these stories stem from anxiety or inexperience. Pleasure from oral sex varies from person to person, but if you and your partner are comfortable exploring each other