What Is the Amazon Sex Position?

Medically Reviewed by Carmelita Swiner, MD on July 06, 2023
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In the Amazon position, the partner with the penis lies on their back with their knees bent and pulled into their chest. The other partner straddles them between their lifted legs. The top partner has more control and is the most active, moving up down or bouncing. 

This is a very active sexual position that allows for deep penetration. It's a variation of missionary position in which the partner with the penis is on top. With the roles reversed, it can be a new way for sexual partners to explore dominance and submission.

The Amazon position is very versatile. The partner on top might have a vulva, or it can be done in reverse for anal sex. The partner on the bottom can have a penis, wear a strap-on, or use a vibrator.

illustration of Amazon sex position


Kneeling Amazon and reverse Amazon are variations on the traditional Amazon sex position.

Kneeling Amazon. This looks more like the traditional version of the position. The only difference is that instead of squatting, the top partner kneels. This can take some pressure off of the upper partner's legs. It can also change the angle of penetration, which can feel different for the top partner.

Reverse Amazon. The top partner turns around with their back to the bottom partner. This offers variety in sensation. And it changes the dynamic when there isn't eye contact between the two partners and when the bottom partner has a different view of the top partner's body. This is also the best position for anal sex.

The Amazon sex position is often misunderstood. Here are the most common beliefs about the position that aren't true:

The person with a penis is passive.

The Amazon sex position can, but doesn't have to, give complete control to the top partner. There are many ways you can make this position interactive. The person on the bottom of the Amazon sex position doesn't have to receive only. They can lift up and support the behind of the person on the top. This gives the person on the top a better chance of orgasm. The bottom partner can position their body in different ways and can support the top partner. Changing positions like this can change the sensations for you and your partner.

It mostly pleasures the person with a penis.

The Amazon position is very pleasurable for the partner assigned male at birth who has a penis. But all types of partners can benefit from the position. For the top partner, the feeling of control can be very stimulating in itself. And the deep penetration the position allows for can increase the pleasurable sensation for the top person.

If the top person has a clitoris, the Amazon position makes it easier for both partners to access it than in many other sexual positions. One way is for the person on the bottom to use their hands to touch the top person's clitoris and labia, the folds of skin that surround the clitoris. The person on top may have their hands free to try this, too. And both partners can use a vibrator. During anal sex, the top partner can also use a free hand to pleasure themselves.

The Amazon position is an active, athletic position. Both partners need to have strength and flexibility to do it safely. Never push yourself or your partner into a position that is not right for their body. It's possible to strain a muscle or be injured in other ways. It's important for you and your partner to communicate during sex so that both partners feel safe and comfortable.

Talking to your partner about trying the Amazon sex position

If you want to try the Amazon position, it's important to ask your partner first if they're open to it. Both partners have to be willing and interested in trying a new position. Neither partner should ever be surprised by or forced into a new position. Not everyone is open to experimentation, so open communication ahead of time is key.

You can also discuss whether the traditional, kneeling, or reverse Amazon is more comfortable for you and your partner. People on top with less strength in their lower bodies may prefer the kneeling Amazon.

You might also be interested in the reverse Amazon. If you and your partner haven't had anal sex before, you need to ask them about this beforehand. This version also takes away the eye-contact element. Talk with each other about whether that trade-off works for both of you.

Possible risks of the Amazon sex position

The Amazon sex position could hurt the knees of the person on top. If you have concerns about your knees' ability to handle a strenuous position, take it very slow. If you feel any pain, you should stop.

For people assigned male at birth who are on the bottom, there might be some strain on the penis and the ligament that supports the penis. Called the suspensory ligament, it's a band of strong elastic tissue that supports the penis. It keeps the penis in place near the front of the public bone and helps hold up the penis during an erection. It can help if the person on the top leans forward during sex, as this puts less pressure on the ligament.

The Amazon sex position can be a way for you and your partner to try something new and find new ways of pleasuring each other. With three variations, it offers a lot of variety for all types of partners. It's an active and athletic position, so both partners need a certain amount of strength and flexibility. Communicating openly with your partner before and during trying a new sexual position is key so that both people feel safe and comfortable.

What are the Amazon sex positions?

In the Amazon sex position, the partner on the bottom has the penis, and the top partner is penetrated. The main version is with the top partner squatting over the bottom partner who has their knees pulled into their chest. The kneeling version lets the top partner kneel on their shins, which can take some pressure off their legs. In the reverse position, the top partner turns around facing away from the bottom partner. This version is best for anal sex.

What is the bop position in sex?

This is a version of doggy style, in which the partner with the penis enters the other partner from behind while they are on their hands and knees. In the bop position, both partners are standing. The partner being entered from behind bends over and rests their arms on an elevated surface such as a table.