What is Wheelbarrow?

Medically Reviewed by Gabriela Pichardo, MD on July 03, 2023
3 min read

The wheelbarrow is a sex position that allows penetrative sex from the back. This position is a little challenging, as it requires one partner to hold up the other partner. The partner being held also has to use arm strength to hold themselves up.

In this position, the giving partner stands and holds the receiving partner’s legs. The receiving partner starts on the floor and uses their hands to balance in a plank-like position. Then the giving partner lifts the receiving partner’s legs off the ground and holds them at waist level. The move is meant to resemble a wheelbarrow shape.

The giving partner, with a penis or dildo, will penetrate the receiving partner either in their vagina or anus. The move requires some dexterity and core strength. Even though it may seem tough at first, it is not overly complicated. 

The wheelbarrow sex position is all about upper body strength and endurance. It is an intermediate position, but can be modified to be easier or more challenging. The wheelbarrow allows for deeper penetration for the receiver in either the vagina or anus. It is also a great arm workout.

The wheelbarrow is a position for any couple to use because it leverages rear entry. You can either try vaginal penetration or do deep anal penetration. The giving partner can use a dildo, wand, or penis to penetrate. Depending on your level of fitness, the receiver can put their hands on the ground, bed, or a prop in plank position. The giver can either grab the receiver’s legs or waist to pull them up.

The kneeling wheelbarrow and wanton wheelbarrow are variations of the traditional wheelbarrow sex position. The kneeling wheelbarrow is a great position to start with before doing the traditional wheelbarrow while the wanton wheelbarrow is a more challenging position. 

The kneeling wheelbarrow. This is a modified position that allows for more support and keeps you and your partner lower to the ground while getting into the position. This position may put more pressure on the giver’s knees, so it’s a good idea to use pillows underneath. While the giver is on their knees, the receiver is still using their hands to push themselves up, which puts less pressure on the receiver’s arms. 

The wanton wheelbarrow. The wanton wheelbarrow is the same as the wheelbarrow sex position except one leg is raised in the air, by the giver’s shoulder. This position requires more flexibility and agility to do safely. Make sure that you are mindful of how it feels, not pushing it too far. This sex position should never feel painful. 

To do the Wheelbarrow sex position, both partners will need to have some level of strength, flexibility, and agility to pull off the move. It may require practice, and it’s okay if you need to try it a couple times before you get immense pleasure from it. 

Talking to Your Partner. The wheelbarrow is an intermediate sex position and may be a new position to introduce to your partner. It’s important to have an open conversation about trying this position. You’ll want to discuss who will be the receiver and the giver. 

The wheelbarrow can be tricky at first, so be open to potentially taking some tumbles and laughing off failed attempts. It is a sex position that can be modified to be easier or more challenging based on you and your partner’s skills.

Possible risks. The wheelbarrow can be a risky sex position when you first try it with your partner. There is the risk of falling and hitting your face or upper body. It is a good idea to have pillows or cushions on the ground just in case. It’s also important to be communicative with your partner about getting the right angles during penetration.